Thursday, 10 December 2009

The Amazing 'Nemhain' to play special acoustic set at Fangtasia London Bloody Xmas!

This Friday, 11th Dec, the rising stars of the new alternative rock n metal n sleazy punk scene, Nemhain, are the special guests at Fangtasia London!

Special because it will be the first time they will drop the electricity and go acoustic! But dont be fooled by the lack of AC, oh no, these Vampiric song-smiths have a cornucopia of musical tricks up their sleeves!

"They're a force to be reckoned with, taking their Rock n Roll Shenanigans to new levels with an unmistakable animalistic tone for alcohol abuse, live gigs and close up fan interaction.... These guys are infecting you with their Rock n Roll tunes, fiendishly good looks and Jack Daniel's inspired charm. Welcome to the party world of Nemhain!" (DEVOLUTION MAGAZINE)

Also providing us with some burning hot delights is the seductive Sophia Landi.
This feisty, fiery and formidable Vampire is sure to sear with her glamoring visage and blistering performance!

Special guest DJ Chris Damage will be standing in for Mark 13 who is away on biting business.
Sheriff Vanderhorne, Lydia Darling, Johnny Darke, Rebecca DeVenney, Turlock O'Malley, Phil Bedwell, Simon Maxwell, Sasha Kerman, Sasha Rai and the rest of the Fang Gang will all be doing their thing till coffin time!!!

Starts 9pm . £5 blood money before 10.30. £7 after.

In ascociation with FXUK, Triibe Liquer, Atticus and True Blood!

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Vanderhorne And Devenney get some Fangtasia London pole practice True Blood style!

Sheriff Vanderhorne & Rebecca DeVenney after hours at 
Fangtasia London by Izaskun Gonzalez

Cabaret Siniestro performer and F.U.Baby.TV presenter Rebecca DeVenney along side Fangtasia London's very own Vampiric club owner, Vanderhorne, get captured in the lens of the highly artistic Spanish creative wizard, Izaskun Gonzalez, also known as 'Compulsive Behaviour'.

Vanderhorne said;
"With this 'Tru Blood' shortage going round at the moment, us fanged folk need to take our minds off draining the first poor sap that crosses our path, so Becca here kindly offered to share some with me and show me the pole at the same time.
You'd be amazed how mesmerizing a gal can be when you're this thirsty!"

Gonzalez added that most of the shoot is so graphic that it is un-suitable for the public to see. "It got 'mui caliente', and at one point i feared for my own neck!
I soon relaxed though and before i knew it i was joining in!"

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Fangtasia London in last weeks Time Out!

If you can find it still, Fangtasia London gets a full page article in London's Time Out magazine!

Time Out's Kate Hutchinson, interviewed our very own Sheriff Vanderhorne last week to find out what the Fang is going on with this massive nationwide trend towards the supernatural and undead.

Vanderhorne said in relation to the interview:
" Kate was very nice, sweet even, and i didn't have to glamor her at all.
She asked me good, interesting questions and i answered honestly and refrained from feeding on her as she promised she wouldn't misquote me...And she didnt!
I am very happy with her journalistic skills. She has my unholy blessing."

 More news as it happens!

FXUK's True Blood Holy Water at Fangtasia London

Dont forget that Fangtasia London is fueled by FXUK, Atticus Clothing, Triibe Liquer & The HBO award winning hit TV show, True Blood!

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Latest Fangtasia London Pics by James Walsh

Resident Fangtasia London and F.U.Baby.TV photographer, James Patrick Walsh, proves that Vampires love having their pictures taken!
A True Blood Vampire Sheriff of area E2 and Fangtasia London creator,
Vanderhorne, takes a swig of  the 'Tru Blood' drink for the cameras!

Nest Queen, Lydia Darling, holds the proceedings together
with her glamoring charm and spellbinder performances!

The Vamp-Tastic FUBABYTV presenter and performer Rebecca DeVenney

Gory music, fire and brimstone from The Whores and Pariah Circus!

There's always one!!
We love these 'God Hates Fangs' folk, they seem to love us 'Fanged Folk' too as they are always in attendance, giving out their quaint little leaflets and stickers...

Exciting new news about next months Xmas event coming soon!!
Stay Hungry and dont tell your friends about us!!!

Friday, 13 November 2009

Fabulous blues man John Drain returns to Fangtasia London

This night see's the return of the fantastic slide guitar blues player and singer John Drain to our nest.

It's an action packed night of Vampiric swampy southern bloody rock n roll loveliness, especially now, with the BBC coming on over to feature us in a documentary about the rise in popularity of the Vampire in recent times!

The full line up is:
John Drain
The Whores
Lydia Darling
Little Bo Freak
Rebecca DeVenney

With live sketching from:
Jason Atomic

Glamering tunes from:
Sheriff Vanderhorne
Mark 13
Johnny Darke
Lydia Darling

BBC interviews, FuBabyTV interviews, Photo both by James Walsh, Bizarre Magazine photographers, FX Channel giving away Tee-Shirts and much much more.

Fangtasia London, It's the talk of the town!!!

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Jason Atomic comes to Fangtasia London to live sketch the vampy crowds

Here at Fangtasia London we are very excited and honoured to have the internationally renowned, unique and iconaclastic London based Vampiric artist, Jason Atomic make a supernatural appearence this coming Friday the 13th!

Friday the 13th is a very special date in Atomic's artistic world as he says:
"it symbolizes the arcane superstistious mumbo jumbo that people think they know, and pushes the fear boundries closer to a more visceral, savage age of mis-understanding and ritual, an age of which we can only dream of recapturing through our constant battle of the mythical good vs evil".

Jason Atomic is one of  the elite few in the world that truely can be called international artist, having been in demand in Mexico, Japan, the States and most of Europe for his distinct unique style and live sketching ability.

Even the Topps collectible trading card company has commissioned Jason to make hand painted, one off super rare 'Star Wars' chaser cards...

Atomic also finds himself being one of the artists favorite artists, with other luminaries such as Suckadelic, Rockin Jelly Bean, Rammellzee and  Anthony Ausgang, to name but a few, all being fans of his crazy creations.

Atomic will be acompanied by his vampy partner, artisan and sometimes suicide girl, Honey Manko.

Throughout the evening they will be live (un-dead) sketching and positioning suitible victims for capturing with sharpee on sketch pad!

Beware! You could be the subject of their next unique art attack!!!

Sunday, 8 November 2009

True Blood on Channel 4 & the Fang Gang Returns to Fangtasia London Friday 13th

Now that we await the season 2 airing in the UK from the FX Channel, we can refresh ourselves with Channel 4's showing of season 1.
Personally im waiting for season 3, but hey we cant all have insider knowledge!

 Vamptastic Fashionista! Tank Magazine's  Fashion Editor Chloe Kerman by Rupa

Also this coming week see's the next real life episode of Fangtasia London on Friday 13th Nov!

Fangtasia London has fast become London's hot unique monthly night out, with star alternative performers, DJ's and artists queuing up to get on board.

Another stellar Vampiric line up is in store, with Aerial and DJ performances from our Nest Queen, Lydia Darling.

The Mistress of Serpents, Little Bo-Freak, shocks and seduces with writhing snake dance. (pics in next news story)

And a blasting bloody horrific band, The Whores will be our live music act for the evening.

Also the lovely Rebecca DeVenney and the regular 'F.U.Baby TV' crew will be in the house to ask the important questions and take a bite out of the opposition!

The superb original mash-up of bleeding edge fetish, neo-burlesque, cabaret siniestro, death country, grunge, hick-hop, southern rock, sleaze, swamp blues, dedneck, goth, stoner, doom, electro-slash, hell billy & cowpunk is thrown at you in a twisted style by DJ's Johnny Darke, Mark 13, Lydia Darling & Sheriff Vanderhorne.

Our very own 'Merlotte', Phill Bedwell keeps the drinks going here at Fangtasia London along side some familiar faces like our own young Eric look alike.

Gratuitous Sheriff Vanderhorne Pic

See facebook group for more details.
Check out FXUK for new shows and True Blood stories

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

True Blood spin off club, Fangtasia London, huge success!

Last weeks Fangtasia London was a party and a half!!!

The 'God Hates Fangs' people were there giving out their sad little news letters, bless em! (don't they know that Jesus was one of us fanged folk???) But boy, do those religious types taste good or what!!!

We had incredible supernatural performances throughout the night from our Vampiric artists and the most superb eclectic mixture of good times/dark times tunes from the resident disc spinners.

The time is right for us creatures of the night to expand our universes and reach wider audiences!
What with us Vampire folk coming out into the open, we have also opened the doors for more Fangtasia club nights around the country.

Negotiations are already underway for Fangtasia Bristol and Fangtasia Brighton, with many more nests around the country following suit.
Please contact us at for details on how to become an officially sanctioned True Blood Fangtasia night.

More pictures from the night can be found at


Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Fangtasia London True Blood at Resistance Gallery with Fx Channel exclusive giveaways!

From the Village of Damned's most exclusive gentleman's club, comes 'Girls, Girls, Girls'!
Small select groups of audience members will be invited into a private booth to experience 'Girls, Girls, Girls' under the watchful eyes of The Vampire Bouncer.
Prepare for some performance art from the undead with booty shaking that is guaranteed to terrify as well as tantalize as the girls dance possessed, combining  some moves you may expect but with the surprise tortured contortions of Japanese Butoh.
'Girls, Girls, Girls' is a Switch performance production starring Kate Bowtell and Hellen Burrough.
This months Fangtasia London has an awesome line up of high brow artistic Vampiric entertainment and top notch dirty southern rock n roll, served up in our own quintessentially British style!
Our nest Queen, Lydia Darling, heads the super hot Dj chair with assist from Mark 13, Johnny Darke & Sheriff Vanderhorne, who collectively provide the necessary dirty living-dead soundtrack to your un-dead life.

Live Mesmerizing Mississippi delta blues slide guitar from John Drain!

Vamptastic Neo Cabaret Siniestro Sensation, The Scarlet Diva, Marnie Scarlet, will glamour all with her arty eternal ferocity!

F.U.Baby TV's wild Vampy presenter, Rebecca DeVenney will be performing on the pole in between interviewing for the show!

And the ancient Esinem, made by Nosferatu himself, performs a daring rope bondage suspension show with his partner Electric Fairie!

We also have more fangtastic giveaways from our friends at FX Channel  and Atticus Clothing .
first 50 vamps, tramps or fangbangers through the door get exclusive branded 'True Blood' blood sucker lolly pops, Condoms & holy water!!!

And the best dressed or sexiest Vamps will receive a super exclusive, rare as rocking horse shit, True Blood Vampire Survival Kit!!!

Thursday, 15 October 2009

From London to Louisianna, Blues Vamp, John Drain, comes to Fangtasia this month!

The mesmerizing blues man, John Drain, brings his own style of hardcore authentic, 'London to Louisiana', swampy blues guitar to Fangtasia London on Fri 23rd Oct.
Drain is fast becoming England's premier solo blues performer with a voice and guitar style straight from the Mississippi delta circa 1927!

In between delightfully sexy interviews, F.U. Baby TV's new Vampy presenter, Miss Becca DeVenney, will be skillfully executing some serious moves with her Vampiric pole dances!!

DeVenney is a playful yet dangerous young Vamp who likes to mix up the old with the new and bite hard with the best of em!!!

Monday, 12 October 2009

New Scarlet Starlet and Bondage Show Added to Next Fangtasia

Neo cabaret siniestro sensation, Marnie Scarlet, the Scarlet Diva, will be performing a new act at this months Fangtasia London! Friday 23rd Oct!

She wowed a private audience with another of her shows late last month to the tune of Nina's 99 Red Balloons and says she's "just dying to thrill another set of 'dead beats'" with her intense arty and sexual Vampy performance ferocity.

Also preforming is one of Europe's top Japanese rope bondage experts, esinem.
Along with his eternally youthful rope bunny, Electric Fairie, Esinem is providing a blood chilling elaborate 'Virgin's Blood Bondage Show'.

Esinem is one of the directors of The London Festival of the Art of Japanese Bondage, and is widely regarded to be one of the foremost leaders in the field.
He also appears to be an ancient and powerful Vampire who can perform incredible feats of wonder in front of any audience!!!
Join us on the Facebook group!

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

F.U.Baby TV uses Fangtasia London as testing gound for new online TV show!

The first beta testing of 'F U Baby TV' at Fangtasia London.

From this live set up, you get a good sense of excitement on how the fist Fangtasia London club night went.

The crowds were amazing, the people were fangtastic and this is just the beginning!!
The interviewers were super hot too!!!
See Phil Bedwell, cousin of Sam Merlotte turn into a dog & Lydia spin the wheels of fire!!!
Look out for Johnny Darke of the small change vamps get accosted by the god hates fangs lot!!!

The next dates for Fangtasia London are Fri 23rd Oct, Fri 13th Nov Fri 11th Dec.

Santa Gasolina explodes by Tom Medwell

The London Fang Gang by Tom Medwell

Thursday, 3 September 2009

True Blood Holy Water

Along with Atticus clothing goodies we now have 'True Blood' 'Bite Me' and 'Suck on this' t-shirts to giveaway to the best dressed or hottest looking Vamps, Shapeshifters, Lycanth's, Telepath's or Fangbangers!

And for the lucky few, 'True Blood' 'Holy Water'!!!

This is only the beginning for 'Fangtasia London', we got plenty of surprises up our sleeves yet on our opening night, Friday 18th Sept!!!

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

True Blood has best ratings since Sopranos!!!

It's official!
True Blood has best ratings since the Sopranos
And to celebrate, our friends at FX Channel, who are the British arm of HBO/Fox, have given us some 'True Blood' merch to give away on our opening night!

Channel FX on sky 164 has consistently brought great new series to our televisions over the last few years like:
True Blood, NCIS, Dexter, American Dad, Family Guy, Nip/Tuck, The Wire, Carnivàle, Burn Notice, The Listener, Breaking Bad, Reno 911!, Huff, Underbelly, No Signal, Penn & Teller: Bullshit!, Testees, Buffy, MacGyver & King of the Hill to name but a few.

Join our TV vamp friends on Twitter, Facebook and the official FX True Blood home page.

And join us on Friday the 18th September for the amazing opening night of 'Fangtasia London'!
Fangtasia London facebook group

Resistance Gallery

More news as we bite it!!!

Monday, 31 August 2009

Pro Vampire Rights Video

Support your local Vampire rights league!

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Atticus clothing support Fangtasia London

Follow the dead bird and you'd be in the right place!

Atticus clothing are sending a batch of cool stuff for us all to give away as prizes in a 'who's the hottest looking Vamp!' competition on our Fangtasia London opening night party, Fri 18th Sept!!!

We also have some lovely shots of Triibe Liquer to give away so look out for our fang-banger shot ladies and make sure you join the Triibe!

Remember...We don't accept any bad 'Nosferatu' wannabees, or throwbacks to the 'Hammer' times: Save that shit for Halloween!!!

Just hot looking modern Vamps, Were's or other supernatural hotties that don't look like they just come from the joke shop!!!

Be warned, this is a super exclusive nest and we don't take kindly to jokers or any of you 'Fellowship of the Sun' sympathizers.

However, if you want to show your support to our American cousins, you can do so by patronising the 'American Vampire League'.

If youre looking for Vampire love on the other fang, look no further than 'LoveBitten', an online Vampire dating service which caters for your everyday kinda Undead lonely hearts!

If you have any photo's of yourself in a ghoulish kinda state, fangs or no, full moon or solstice, join our Fangtasia London FaceBook group, upload the pics to the page and make friends with more of our kind!