Tuesday, 6 October 2009

F.U.Baby TV uses Fangtasia London as testing gound for new online TV show!

The first beta testing of 'F U Baby TV' at Fangtasia London.

From this live set up, you get a good sense of excitement on how the fist Fangtasia London club night went.

The crowds were amazing, the people were fangtastic and this is just the beginning!!
The interviewers were super hot too!!!
See Phil Bedwell, cousin of Sam Merlotte turn into a dog & Lydia spin the wheels of fire!!!
Look out for Johnny Darke of the small change vamps get accosted by the god hates fangs lot!!!

The next dates for Fangtasia London are Fri 23rd Oct, Fri 13th Nov Fri 11th Dec.

Santa Gasolina explodes by Tom Medwell

The London Fang Gang by Tom Medwell

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