Wednesday, 28 October 2009

True Blood spin off club, Fangtasia London, huge success!

Last weeks Fangtasia London was a party and a half!!!

The 'God Hates Fangs' people were there giving out their sad little news letters, bless em! (don't they know that Jesus was one of us fanged folk???) But boy, do those religious types taste good or what!!!

We had incredible supernatural performances throughout the night from our Vampiric artists and the most superb eclectic mixture of good times/dark times tunes from the resident disc spinners.

The time is right for us creatures of the night to expand our universes and reach wider audiences!
What with us Vampire folk coming out into the open, we have also opened the doors for more Fangtasia club nights around the country.

Negotiations are already underway for Fangtasia Bristol and Fangtasia Brighton, with many more nests around the country following suit.
Please contact us at for details on how to become an officially sanctioned True Blood Fangtasia night.

More pictures from the night can be found at


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