Thursday, 11 November 2010

Last Fangtasia London of 2010

Thats right its your last chance to get out, deep down n bloody for our last True Blood Fangtasia London of 2010!

Friday 12th Nov. 10pm Resistance Gallery. 265 Poyser St. Bethnal Green. London E29RF

The Walking Dead has started and even though Vampires are far sexier than zombies, we still have a soft spot for them so to speak!

We got all the usual thrills and spills of True Blood and our incredible vampy performers & DJ's providing us all with the very finest of alternative Vampire artistic decadence!

With Sheriff of area E2, Vanderhorne, Johnny Darke, Mark 13, Lydia Darling, Amanda Mae Steele & Celestia Knight! +more tbc!!
Esinem Japanese rope bondage performances throughout the night.
Dress for vampy fetish suck-cess & be photographed for all eternity looking your finest by the amazing Armando in our photo area!

Very Special Guest Performances from London's most subversive and glamouring entertainers.

FXUK& True Blood goodies & giveaways.

Click attending to ensure your place in the darkness.

Stay Dead, Stay Sexy!!

Find out more by joining our Facebook group and check out Resistance Gallery and Lucha Britannia
Last month was incredible with some amazing performances and super cool music.
The free foto booth was packed all night long with sexy Vamps and fangbangers alike updating thier facebook profile pics!!

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Fangtasia London celebrates one year of True Blood-iness!!!

That's right, it's Fangtasia London's one year anniversary this Friday 10th Sept!!!
Resistance Gallery 265 Poyser Street, Bethnal Green, London E2 9RF.

We are expecting a full house of Vamps, tramps, Weres, Shifters, Readers, Witches and fangbangers so you had better get yourself on the attending list on the good ole Facebook page right here!!!

We got special performances from the Queen of the Damned, Marnie Scarlet:

William Hunt and Electronic Doll bring you bloodily kicking and screaming when you see what happens when a large Werewolf has a young Vampire trapped in ropes of silver and chains!

Miss Rebbeca DeVenney will be attacking the shiny column with her own ferocious style of Pole dancing!

We have the latest shocking art exhibition from the dark mistress of psycho-sexuality, Angela Edwards!

Underground London blues Legend, John Drain playing the devil's own authentic slide Cajun blues guitar and vocals!

Plus all the resident Tunesmiths of the Fang Gang London!
Johnny Darke, Sheriff Vanderhorne, Mark 13, and a whole lot more.
Stay tuned to the worlds only True Blood franchise Vampire performance night!!! Starts at 10pm till Twilight!

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

A touch of Lynchian darkness comes to Fangtasia London this Fri 13th

The ancient & weird occult king of Cabaret Siniestro, Benjam Louche

The dark, brooding and unusual host of London's amazing Lynchian cabaret night, the Double R Club comes to Fangtasia London this Fri 13th..
Benjamin Louche and his abhorrent offspring will be furnishing our stage with twisted delights and macabre madness!
The Vampishly delicious darling, Vaudey Ruin, Kate Lomax

We also have the Sexy Fiery Vampire Demon, Vaudey Ruin,  aka:  Kate Lomax,  lighting up our stage with  glamoring burning desire!
Fire Vamp Kate Lomax
Sheriff Vanderhorne, Johnny Darke, Duncan DeMorgan, Ms Rebecca Devenney, Compulsive Behaviour, The Pixie Pia, Mr Maxwell, and the rest of the Fangtasia London True Blood Fang Gang!
Undead Tune Spinner Duncan DeMorgan

Expect the unexpected as Vampire and Shape-Shifters, Mind Readers and Maenads, Were-Folk and Humans come together for a monthly True Blood quickening! Opens at 10pm!! A fiver on the door!!

If you havnt read the True Blood books, then go read em!
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Are Zombies The Next Big Thing To Hit The Small Screen?
Move over vampires as we are predicting zombies to be THE next big thing to hit the small screen.
For quite some time now we’ve been bombarded with TV series and movies featuring our favourite blood sucking friends.
Twilight, The Vampire Diaries and of course our very own True Blood, have made vampires one of the biggest trends to dominate TV and film in recent years.
But what about zombies?  In film, zombies have been a real success- just look at 28 Days Later, Zombieland and Dawn of the Dead.  But sadly on TV zombies haven’t been so popular.  They seem to have been relegated to something of a figure of fun- think Charlie Brooker’s take on zombies in his recent series on E4 “Dead Set”.  Until now that is…
 “The Walking Dead” has made it clear that it wants to fly in the face of these zombie stereotypes by dealing with some hard hitting socio-cultural issues and keeping to the more serious tone of Kirkman’s comics.  Personally I can’t wait.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

New Fangtasia London True Blood y Ness Friday 13th!

 Sheriff Vanderhorne of area E2 with a couple of Vampy friends by Patrick Siboni

It's that time again, time for another blast of Fangtasia London, and like Russell Edgington, King of Mississippi inside Fangtasia Shreveport during True Blood S03,EP07 said last week...
 "Love the place! Love your vibe! We must talk franchising later!"

Well the franchise is well and truely established and has been around for almost a year now! This Friday 13th see's us bring you, the penultimate Fangtasia London before our 1 year anniversary party next month!

Fangtasia London. Resistance Gallery. 265 Poyser Street. Bethnal Green. London. E2 9RF.

Bill rides the king of Mississippi

We have all our regular Vamps and shapeshifters plus a few special guest performers so check out the guest list on our facebook page and make sure you dont get left out in the sun!!!
Gratuitous shot of Jessica in pantyhose!

Johnny Darke gets ready for a drink of blues legend, John Drain by Armando

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True Blood on FXuk

Thursday, 15 July 2010

The Revenge: Lucha Underground

The Revenge: Lucha Underground
 Shiro Yoshida by Boris Conte

Held in our very own Vampire haunt for Fangtasia London Resistance Gallery, Lucha Britannia is the Freakshow, Cabaret Siniestro, Lucha Libre Wrestling event that the world is whispering about in hushed tones for fear of being captured and interegated.

Worth a checking out!!!
Glamazon Luchadoras by Nylon Tony. Glimpse Magazine.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Ture Blood Midsommer Maenad-Ness @ Fangtasia London

It's a short month for us here at Fangtasia London as only three weeks have passed since our last nocturnal feeding delight but were back on Friday 9th July 10pm for more True Blood action!
We have all the midsommers madness you'd require for a rocking great night out including the first appearance on our area E2 stage of the Queen of the Underworld, Miss Ruby Blues!!

London's undead blues legend, John Drain back to provide us with his authentic deep south, slide guitar blues!

Harlot Maenad, Syban V Manticore, may be back to sicken, disgust, delight & enrapture in equal measures!!! You never know with her???

Creatures of the night Japanese rope suspension bondage performance by our own Nosferargue, Esinem.

 Esinem at work by Izaskun Gonzalez

 Fangtasia London's supernatural DJ's play the most unique and exciting mixture of superb tunes.
We can transport you back in time or into the future with the most amazing music your fangs have ever tasted!

 C.C.Adcock/Johnny Neel/Nick Cave/Credence Clearwater Revival/Alabama 3/Soundgarden/Hank Williams II + III/QOTSA/ZZ Top/Charlie Daniels/Johnny Cash/Kyuss/Jace Everett/Dick Dale/The Blasters/Rob Zombie/Spiderbait/Trace Adkins/Big & Rich/NIN/Tom Waits/Guns'n'Roses/Rykarda Parasol/Mammal/The Coasters/Jade Warrior/ Lucifers Friend/Reverend Horton Heat/Corrosion of Conformity/Mojo Nixon/Josh Turner/Joe Ely/Starlit/Queen Adreena/Hank Ray/Joe Buck Yourself/Sabbath/Woodbox Gang/Lynyrd Skynyrd/Slim Cessna's Auto Club/Jay Munly/Ghoultown/Missouri/Seasick Steve/Kid Rock/Tow Down/Mikel Knight/Cowboy Troy/Filter/Rev Co/Hijak Oscar/Foetus/Dead Brothers/Devil Doll/The Cramps/Hayseed Dixie/Alice In Chains/Black Spiders/Siouxie/Rollins/Ennio Morricone/John Carpenter/Jerry Goldsmith/Blondie...
Brought to you by Stuart Vern, Johnny Darke, Sheriff Vanderhorne, Mark 13 & Craig Clare!

Friday, 18 June 2010

So, what brings you to Fangtasia London on this balmy summer night?

The Swamplands of Bethnal Green have never looked better for for us fanged folk over here at Fangtasia London.
Season three of True Blood has started in the States and looks like it just keeps getting more and more exciting. Keep checking the FXUK site for the British premiere of the new season.
 The Merlottes Bar staff on vacation at Fangtasia London

But of course this week we have our own Friday night fang fest happening right here in good ole London town.
All the usual faces will be here with one notable exception: Our nest Queen, Miss Lydia Darling has another pressing royal engagement to attend to, so in her place this week we have the gory young Maenad harlot, Syban V Manticore providing us with our ocular bloody feast.
Special emissary, Johnny Darke will be spinning the tunes of the dirty south to keep you groving along with special guest DJ Craig Clare of the good ole Louisiana Clare family of 1772.
The proceedings will be resided over by the sheriff of area E2, Vanderhorne who may also be playing some grungy rock n roll.
Turloch O'Malley will be hiding in the shadows so remember the rules: Dont kill what ya cant drink!
Photo booth to recall your agelessness by Armando.
 Vampire Japanese rope bondage suspension by Esinem throughout the evening.
True Blood season 3 premiere shows Vampy actress Kristin Bauer (Pam Ravenscroft) dressed for pleasure in couture latex just like a lot of our girls are wearing in London right now!!!
Maybe they're just catching up with our London Nests as we lead the way in Vampire fashion!