Friday, 18 June 2010

So, what brings you to Fangtasia London on this balmy summer night?

The Swamplands of Bethnal Green have never looked better for for us fanged folk over here at Fangtasia London.
Season three of True Blood has started in the States and looks like it just keeps getting more and more exciting. Keep checking the FXUK site for the British premiere of the new season.
 The Merlottes Bar staff on vacation at Fangtasia London

But of course this week we have our own Friday night fang fest happening right here in good ole London town.
All the usual faces will be here with one notable exception: Our nest Queen, Miss Lydia Darling has another pressing royal engagement to attend to, so in her place this week we have the gory young Maenad harlot, Syban V Manticore providing us with our ocular bloody feast.
Special emissary, Johnny Darke will be spinning the tunes of the dirty south to keep you groving along with special guest DJ Craig Clare of the good ole Louisiana Clare family of 1772.
The proceedings will be resided over by the sheriff of area E2, Vanderhorne who may also be playing some grungy rock n roll.
Turloch O'Malley will be hiding in the shadows so remember the rules: Dont kill what ya cant drink!
Photo booth to recall your agelessness by Armando.
 Vampire Japanese rope bondage suspension by Esinem throughout the evening.
True Blood season 3 premiere shows Vampy actress Kristin Bauer (Pam Ravenscroft) dressed for pleasure in couture latex just like a lot of our girls are wearing in London right now!!!
Maybe they're just catching up with our London Nests as we lead the way in Vampire fashion!

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