Thursday, 1 July 2010

Ture Blood Midsommer Maenad-Ness @ Fangtasia London

It's a short month for us here at Fangtasia London as only three weeks have passed since our last nocturnal feeding delight but were back on Friday 9th July 10pm for more True Blood action!
We have all the midsommers madness you'd require for a rocking great night out including the first appearance on our area E2 stage of the Queen of the Underworld, Miss Ruby Blues!!

London's undead blues legend, John Drain back to provide us with his authentic deep south, slide guitar blues!

Harlot Maenad, Syban V Manticore, may be back to sicken, disgust, delight & enrapture in equal measures!!! You never know with her???

Creatures of the night Japanese rope suspension bondage performance by our own Nosferargue, Esinem.

 Esinem at work by Izaskun Gonzalez

 Fangtasia London's supernatural DJ's play the most unique and exciting mixture of superb tunes.
We can transport you back in time or into the future with the most amazing music your fangs have ever tasted!

 C.C.Adcock/Johnny Neel/Nick Cave/Credence Clearwater Revival/Alabama 3/Soundgarden/Hank Williams II + III/QOTSA/ZZ Top/Charlie Daniels/Johnny Cash/Kyuss/Jace Everett/Dick Dale/The Blasters/Rob Zombie/Spiderbait/Trace Adkins/Big & Rich/NIN/Tom Waits/Guns'n'Roses/Rykarda Parasol/Mammal/The Coasters/Jade Warrior/ Lucifers Friend/Reverend Horton Heat/Corrosion of Conformity/Mojo Nixon/Josh Turner/Joe Ely/Starlit/Queen Adreena/Hank Ray/Joe Buck Yourself/Sabbath/Woodbox Gang/Lynyrd Skynyrd/Slim Cessna's Auto Club/Jay Munly/Ghoultown/Missouri/Seasick Steve/Kid Rock/Tow Down/Mikel Knight/Cowboy Troy/Filter/Rev Co/Hijak Oscar/Foetus/Dead Brothers/Devil Doll/The Cramps/Hayseed Dixie/Alice In Chains/Black Spiders/Siouxie/Rollins/Ennio Morricone/John Carpenter/Jerry Goldsmith/Blondie...
Brought to you by Stuart Vern, Johnny Darke, Sheriff Vanderhorne, Mark 13 & Craig Clare!

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