Sunday, 8 August 2010

New Fangtasia London True Blood y Ness Friday 13th!

 Sheriff Vanderhorne of area E2 with a couple of Vampy friends by Patrick Siboni

It's that time again, time for another blast of Fangtasia London, and like Russell Edgington, King of Mississippi inside Fangtasia Shreveport during True Blood S03,EP07 said last week...
 "Love the place! Love your vibe! We must talk franchising later!"

Well the franchise is well and truely established and has been around for almost a year now! This Friday 13th see's us bring you, the penultimate Fangtasia London before our 1 year anniversary party next month!

Fangtasia London. Resistance Gallery. 265 Poyser Street. Bethnal Green. London. E2 9RF.

Bill rides the king of Mississippi

We have all our regular Vamps and shapeshifters plus a few special guest performers so check out the guest list on our facebook page and make sure you dont get left out in the sun!!!
Gratuitous shot of Jessica in pantyhose!

Johnny Darke gets ready for a drink of blues legend, John Drain by Armando

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