Sunday, 8 November 2009

True Blood on Channel 4 & the Fang Gang Returns to Fangtasia London Friday 13th

Now that we await the season 2 airing in the UK from the FX Channel, we can refresh ourselves with Channel 4's showing of season 1.
Personally im waiting for season 3, but hey we cant all have insider knowledge!

 Vamptastic Fashionista! Tank Magazine's  Fashion Editor Chloe Kerman by Rupa

Also this coming week see's the next real life episode of Fangtasia London on Friday 13th Nov!

Fangtasia London has fast become London's hot unique monthly night out, with star alternative performers, DJ's and artists queuing up to get on board.

Another stellar Vampiric line up is in store, with Aerial and DJ performances from our Nest Queen, Lydia Darling.

The Mistress of Serpents, Little Bo-Freak, shocks and seduces with writhing snake dance. (pics in next news story)

And a blasting bloody horrific band, The Whores will be our live music act for the evening.

Also the lovely Rebecca DeVenney and the regular 'F.U.Baby TV' crew will be in the house to ask the important questions and take a bite out of the opposition!

The superb original mash-up of bleeding edge fetish, neo-burlesque, cabaret siniestro, death country, grunge, hick-hop, southern rock, sleaze, swamp blues, dedneck, goth, stoner, doom, electro-slash, hell billy & cowpunk is thrown at you in a twisted style by DJ's Johnny Darke, Mark 13, Lydia Darling & Sheriff Vanderhorne.

Our very own 'Merlotte', Phill Bedwell keeps the drinks going here at Fangtasia London along side some familiar faces like our own young Eric look alike.

Gratuitous Sheriff Vanderhorne Pic

See facebook group for more details.
Check out FXUK for new shows and True Blood stories

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  1. Your club sounds great... too bad I'm stuck over on the other side of the pond :(