Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Latest Fangtasia London Pics by James Walsh

Resident Fangtasia London and F.U.Baby.TV photographer, James Patrick Walsh, proves that Vampires love having their pictures taken!
A True Blood Vampire Sheriff of area E2 and Fangtasia London creator,
Vanderhorne, takes a swig of  the 'Tru Blood' drink for the cameras!

Nest Queen, Lydia Darling, holds the proceedings together
with her glamoring charm and spellbinder performances!

The Vamp-Tastic FUBABYTV presenter and performer Rebecca DeVenney

Gory music, fire and brimstone from The Whores and Pariah Circus!

There's always one!!
We love these 'God Hates Fangs' folk, they seem to love us 'Fanged Folk' too as they are always in attendance, giving out their quaint little leaflets and stickers...

Exciting new news about next months Xmas event coming soon!!
Stay Hungry and dont tell your friends about us!!!

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