Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Jason Atomic comes to Fangtasia London to live sketch the vampy crowds

Here at Fangtasia London we are very excited and honoured to have the internationally renowned, unique and iconaclastic London based Vampiric artist, Jason Atomic make a supernatural appearence this coming Friday the 13th!

Friday the 13th is a very special date in Atomic's artistic world as he says:
"it symbolizes the arcane superstistious mumbo jumbo that people think they know, and pushes the fear boundries closer to a more visceral, savage age of mis-understanding and ritual, an age of which we can only dream of recapturing through our constant battle of the mythical good vs evil".

Jason Atomic is one of  the elite few in the world that truely can be called international artist, having been in demand in Mexico, Japan, the States and most of Europe for his distinct unique style and live sketching ability.

Even the Topps collectible trading card company has commissioned Jason to make hand painted, one off super rare 'Star Wars' chaser cards...

Atomic also finds himself being one of the artists favorite artists, with other luminaries such as Suckadelic, Rockin Jelly Bean, Rammellzee and  Anthony Ausgang, to name but a few, all being fans of his crazy creations.

Atomic will be acompanied by his vampy partner, artisan and sometimes suicide girl, Honey Manko.

Throughout the evening they will be live (un-dead) sketching and positioning suitible victims for capturing with sharpee on sketch pad!

Beware! You could be the subject of their next unique art attack!!!

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