Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Fangtasia London in last weeks Time Out!

If you can find it still, Fangtasia London gets a full page article in London's Time Out magazine!

Time Out's Kate Hutchinson, interviewed our very own Sheriff Vanderhorne last week to find out what the Fang is going on with this massive nationwide trend towards the supernatural and undead.

Vanderhorne said in relation to the interview:
" Kate was very nice, sweet even, and i didn't have to glamor her at all.
She asked me good, interesting questions and i answered honestly and refrained from feeding on her as she promised she wouldn't misquote me...And she didnt!
I am very happy with her journalistic skills. She has my unholy blessing."

 More news as it happens!

FXUK's True Blood Holy Water at Fangtasia London

Dont forget that Fangtasia London is fueled by FXUK, Atticus Clothing, Triibe Liquer & The HBO award winning hit TV show, True Blood!

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