Tuesday, 11 August 2009

New Blood Wanted

Wanna be part of the New Blood Revolution?

On our upcoming Fangtasia London opening night, Friday 18th Sept, we have the amazing Vamptastic 'Santa Gasolina' riding roughshod on her sooped up machine, glamoring every human in her steely gaze.

Also the iconic electro/rock stylings and mesmerizing soundscapes of the ethereal and timeless 'Kindle'!

And the sleazy Nouveau rock n roll sounds of 'Eights N Aces'.

But this is just the beginning!!!
We need New Blood for True Blood!!!
We got openings here at Fangtasia for creative performers of all blood types!

Send in your website details, show-reel, pics, blogs, biogs or whatever means you have at your disposal for us to have a look at, and we'll get back to you.

All you need to have is a liking for and good knowledge of us good ole Vamps, shape-shifters, undead and have an act, artwork, music, magic, dance routine or anything us creatures of the night, might find entertaining.
Or you may know someone who could be of use to us...A DJ, band, a friend who needs draining...No!..Friends dont let friends drink friends!!!

Send submissions to resistancegallery@yahoo.co.uk subject: New Blood!

Find out more about the amazing channel FX (sky 164) show from HBO at
Facebook group
HBO True Blood
FX uk TV home

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