Friday, 13 July 2012

Back for Friday 13th Special

Yes were back & Biteyer than ever!
Friday 13th July.
The Ultimate explosion of swamp laden True Blood Vampire sexiness!
Death, Drinking, Dancing & Debauchery in the Swamp lands Of East London!

We have a love for most things supernatural, especially Vampiric, and it's these things we like to get crazy with at Fangtasia London.
We are an extension of the True Blood universe, a 'what if...' if you like...
Something of a cool elite global club of fangers and fangbangers, a meet up point where we can lose ourselves for one night a month in a Lost Boys/Near Dark/Blade/Dust Till Dawn/True Blood kind of madness!

We have London's ultimate Un-Dead DJ's playing the greatest collection of swamp laden grooves and rock n roll blues, with a healthy dose of everything thing else that an ancient bloodsucker might like to glamour to!
With special guests sexy un-dead Neo Burlesque/Cabaret Siniestro Vampire performances which are second to none in the world!!!

Your regular hosts, Sheriff Vanderhorne, DJ Mumin, Johnny Darke Izaskun Gonzalez & special guest the fiery delight, Ms Hayley Leggs!
The undead have never looked so glamorous!!

We are expecting a full house of Vamps, tramps, Weres, Shifters, Readers, Witches and fangbangers so you had better get yourself on the "Attending" list before its too late!!

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