Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Fangtasia London has a Summer Break

 The summer sun is just too harsh for our sensitive pale skin, so we here in the Area E2 nest at Fangtasia London are having a two month break!

But fear not as we shall return on Friday 9th September 2011, Bigger, Badder and Truer than ever, because by then you will have seen the first 9 or 10 episodes of the new True Blood season 4, and you'll be thirsty for more!!!

And guess what???
It will be our two year anniversary & birthday party so mark it down in your undead diaries!!!
When we awake, we will be hungry, we will be thirsty, we will need to feed, and we will want to re-open with some good ole fashioned sexy Vamp fanfare, amazing undead performances, art & deep down n dirty music that only the supernatural could groove too... and we know that you will be there to join us or die the true death trying.!..

Till then, a sneak of what's to come...

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