Monday, 8 March 2010

Southern Comfort comes to Fangtasia London with a bite along with the Godess of Gore!!!

Fangtasia London is back at Resistance Gallery and proud to have Southern Comfort in the house this coming week with a new cocktail, 'Southern Blood', which we'll be giving away to the first 100 folk through the door.

Southern Comfort are in association with True Blood on FX channel 164 and the second season is showing Friday nights at 10pm so set your sky+ to record it while you party away with the real life Vamps & Were-tramps at Fangtasia London!

This Friday 12th March at Fangtasia London we have...

 Ethereal iconic rock-tronic stylings of the eternally youthful Kindle, who will once again pervade our meta-tastic ears with sounds of the night.

We also have the mysterious & delectable sideshow freakesque beauty of a bygone time, Missy Macabre

 And the slightly deranged but highly vivacious Crimson Skye will be on hand to tell us a chilling tale or two!
And for one last chance to see the horrific, amazing, yet challenging beautiful work of cult British alternative artist, Suzzan B. (also known as the Godess of Gore)
Her exhibition, 'Abasement of Dolls', will be for one last time adorning the walls of Resistance Gallery at this very special Fangtasia London!

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