Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Fangtasia London goes South of the Border, Blood in the Swamplands!

 Nest Queen Lydia Darling and Sheriff Vanderhorne with the Scarlet Diva by Marcus T
Due to some essential building works going on at Resistance Gallery, (hiding the corpses etc) 'Fangtasia London', for one night only, is moving down the road to our friends nest,  South of the Border!
South of the Border, Below El Paso.
350-354 Old Street
 It's a great little subterranean venue decked out like the titty twister in 'from dusk till dawn', and has the El Paso bar upstairs which we will also be using to hang out in, drink and get pictures done!!

Starts 9pm sharp so dont be late or you might not get invited in... if you catch my fang!!!

 We have our usual/unusual awesome Fang-Gang DJ's, & hosts, Lydia Darling, Sheriff Vanderhorne, Rebecca DeVenney, Johnny Darke, Mark13, Sasha Kerman & Sasha Rai...And of course F.U.Baby.TV in the nest led by our Irish, slightly off kilter Blood Sucking Devil, Turlock O'Malley.

 As Special guest this month we have the Scandinavian Hunk, the Prince of Hearts with nipples of steel! THE BARON: BAWWO BEE
He's an old time Vampire circus freak from a bygone era, an era from which he refuses to leave! And if you enter his gaze, you may never leave!!! (Plus, No-one else makes leopard skin look this good!!!)
 Nest Queen Lydia may or may not grace us with another of her Vampish performances as may the mighty blues legend, John Drain!!
We got Cabaret Siniestro surprises and  Neo Burlesque delights!!!
We got True Blood goodies and giveaways for the onset of season two and special trailers to project and glamor you senseless!.
We also have the all important photo booth by our very own meta-morph sniper James Essensuate .
 More details on the way, plus how to get tickets as this event is limited!!!

 And of course dont forget that True Blood is back!!!
Fridays at 10pm from 26 February
Brand new season exclusive to FX

'Fangtasia London' is a modern, Vampire friendly club night featuring an array of top notch sleazy southern Rock n Roll, Goth, Metal, Blues and Swamp laden tunes, exclusive un-dead bands and sexy Vampy performers.

For Vampires, Shape-Shifters, Were-folk and their Human companions!!!

Stay True and Stay Bloody!!!

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