Sunday 15 August 2021

The Return is Date is Set


Fangtasia London returns November 20 2021 at Simulacra Studios, Brixton. 

This super immersive Vamp event is to set a new tone for nights out in London's sexy underworld of Vamps, Shifters, Ghouls & Witches. 

Join us on our Facebook group for updates.

Tickets are on sale now

Friday 14 September 2012

Fangatsia London Friday Nite Delight 14th Sept!

 Fangtasia London Friday Nite Delight 14th Sept!
With the last season of True Blood just finished in the states & just starting on FX here in the UK, Vamps, supes, Shifters & Were's are still hot stuff!

Come along for a friday nie bite!!

Friday 13 July 2012

Back for Friday 13th Special

Yes were back & Biteyer than ever!
Friday 13th July.
The Ultimate explosion of swamp laden True Blood Vampire sexiness!
Death, Drinking, Dancing & Debauchery in the Swamp lands Of East London!

We have a love for most things supernatural, especially Vampiric, and it's these things we like to get crazy with at Fangtasia London.
We are an extension of the True Blood universe, a 'what if...' if you like...
Something of a cool elite global club of fangers and fangbangers, a meet up point where we can lose ourselves for one night a month in a Lost Boys/Near Dark/Blade/Dust Till Dawn/True Blood kind of madness!

We have London's ultimate Un-Dead DJ's playing the greatest collection of swamp laden grooves and rock n roll blues, with a healthy dose of everything thing else that an ancient bloodsucker might like to glamour to!
With special guests sexy un-dead Neo Burlesque/Cabaret Siniestro Vampire performances which are second to none in the world!!!

Your regular hosts, Sheriff Vanderhorne, DJ Mumin, Johnny Darke Izaskun Gonzalez & special guest the fiery delight, Ms Hayley Leggs!
The undead have never looked so glamorous!!

We are expecting a full house of Vamps, tramps, Weres, Shifters, Readers, Witches and fangbangers so you had better get yourself on the "Attending" list before its too late!!

Join us on facebook!

Tuesday 1 May 2012

May Maenads comes to Fangtasia London


Welcome back to the worlds first ever officially sanctioned True Blood spin off, Fangtasia London.
We started this little underground event over 2 years ago & have run consistently ever since.

Next event is Friday 11th May. Click here for our facebook event page.
Join the group & keep up to date & interact with the London & International Fang Gang.!
 The London Fang Gang is now going by-monthly as of this month, so get your undead asses down to Res Gal & get your dose before the 2 month gap!